This is the new and official site for The Society for Intellectually Gifted Individuals with Disabilities.




The qualifications are that you either have a permanent disability or that you are related to someone with a permanent disability and that you have an IQ or other cognitive score that is at the 95th percentile, equaling and IQ of 127, SD= 16. Anything can be discussed, even outside of handicaps, since all discussion will be unmoderated.


I, myself, the president of this society like to discuss scientific and philosophical subjects.  You may also join by not only having a disability, but by being a member of any society that has a requirement of an IQ of 127 or a higher requirement.


To join, please provide proof of your IQ score. and along with your disability and you may join.  Be sure to let me know whether or not that you wish to be listed as a member to avoid problems.

 Send all joining requests to